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TAG KUKARD. We register and hold domain names for our own portfolio and have not facilities for the public to register new domain names for themselves.

Some of our names have been developed into websites and others are parked.


Registering a new domain name: (We currently do not offer this service for the public)
You can check if a domain name is available to register by checking the Nominet WHOIS record. If it is available you can register the domain name, but please be aware on the

Terms and Conditions set out by Nominet, before you register. You can access their terms by cicking here. We currently DO NOT have a publicly accessible registration service for new registrations.

Renewals and Expiration of registered domain names: (We currently do not have any public domain names under our TAG)
We will inform you by email 30 days before your domain name expires. An email will be sent to the email address registered in the Nominet WHOIS records for the domain name. We will send you another reminder

7 days before expiry and 3 days before expiry. If you still have not renewed the domain name, Nominet will suspend the registration and the name will be dropped in due course.

You will still have time to renew your domain name, even while suspended, but once it is dropped it will be available for anyone to register.

All renewals are subject to Nominet's and our Terms and conditions, which will be detailed in the reminder emails, you will need to agree to them in advance.


Cancelling or transferring your domain name: (We currently do not have any public domain names under our TAG)
You can contact us via our contact details below with your requests. We will transfer or cancel the domain name requested within 3 working days, after we have sent you a

conformation email and had a response from you confirming the instruction. We will NOT charge for cancelling a domain name or transferring it away to another register.

You can leave us at any time with NO cost to you.


Complaints policy:
We are committed to a high level of service. Your feedback and comments help us adapt our service, to achieve this. We aim to make changes as quickly as possible.
If you have any complaints or comments, you can contact using the details below. We will respond within 3 working days. If you are still not satisfied with our response you can ask

to escalate your complaint to an executive level. We will have our director review your complaint personally within 1 working day and respond to you personally.


Contact details for any inquiry including abuse and trademarks:

Contact us via our online form

Email: domains@kukard.com


Write to us at:

Novatus Ltd.


Cottage Place

Copthorne Common


RH10 3LF




Call us on:




Novatus Ltd., Evergreen, Cottage Place, Copthorne Common, Copthorne, RH10 3LF Company number: 07456674, Registered in England and Wales.